Privacy Policy

Junkyard does not collect any user data. No information is transmitted by Junkyard from your computer, except in conjunction with ordinary system services that you have set up, such as iCloud synchronization.

Junkyard may record status and error conditions in the system log on your computer. Such logs usually contain only information about Junkyard's internal state but may include fragments of information from your document. These logs cannot be read by Junkyard or the developer.

When you contact the developer for support, or for any other reason, your personal information including your name and email address and the entire content of your communication, including any attachments, will be accessible only to the developer and will not be disclosed to any third party or used for any purpose other than providing support and responding to you.

Junkyard uses ordinary system services such as automatic document saving which can result in additional copies of your documents being stored on your computer.

Junkyard includes a feature that enables you to easily import multiple web pages. To enable this feature, Junkyard obtains the URL for the frontmost tab of each Safari or Chrome window and displays that page's title. When you click the "import" button, Junkyard obtains the URLs for every tab in the selected window(s) and loads each URL in order to generate a static image. From time to time, such as when you resize the image and when you close and re-open the document, Junkyard loads the website again in order to update the image. Junkyard stores the images and the URLs in your document and makes no other use of the web page data.

When Junkyard loads a web page, it has no control or involvement in relation to information that may be collected by the web site, such as visit information.

This privacy policy may be updated in the future. Please feel free to email Zeb Brown if you have any questions or concerns about it.